Special Replica Omega Speedmaster Moonwach

There are some great choices include pilot watches, dive watches, nautical watches, and race-inspired chronograph watches among luxury sports replica watches. Today, however, we’re looking at a space watch — the fake Omega Speedmaster Professional “Moonwatch” chronograph. While there are so many versions of the Omega Speedmaster that have no relationships to space exploration, it’s the Moonwatch that’s absolutely the most well-known Speedmaster of them all.
That comes naturally since the Speedmaster has the distinction of being the first watch to make it to the moon on Buzz Aldrin’s wrist. Since 1969, Om stream of new iterations of the legendary Moonwatch, including ega has continuously celebrated this feat with a steady the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50. In fact, the Speedmaster ref. 3570.50 is one of the closest to original Moonwatch model. Let’s take a look at the awesome Omega collection they have talked about. omega
While Neil Armstrong became the first man on the moon during the historic moon landing in 1969, he left his replica Omega Speedmaster ref. ST105.012 (issued by NASA) on the Apollo 11 Eagle Lunar Module as a back-up for the malfunctioning onboard clock. On the other hand Buzz Aldrin had his Omega Speedmaster watch strapped around his space suit when he stepped onto the moon.
As a result, the Speedmaster model is an amazing Moonwatch. It’s worth noting, however, that the later Speedmaster model is also regarded as a Moonwatch since it too went to the moon during other missions.
The modern fake Omega Speedmaster “Moonwatch” made its debut in 1996 as the replacement to the earlier Speedmaster. Omega produced the Speedmaster watch for a little less than two decades until 2014. This full stainless steel Omega chronograph sports a 42mm dial, a black tachometer bezel, and a black dial along with the trio of subsidiary dials for the chronograph function.
This special omega Speedmaster model has several similarities to the original Moonwatch as a tribute piece. First and foremost, just like the first Moonwatch from the 1960s, powering the Speedmaster is a manual-winding mechanical movement. While Buzz Aldrin’s Moonwatch ran on the Cal. 321 with a frequency of 18,000 bph, the tribute Speedmaster houses the hand-wound Caliber 1861 chronograph movement operating at 21,600 bph.
Another important similarity between the initial Omega Moonwatch and the more modern Speedmaster fake model is the Hesalite crystal, a.k.a. Plexiglas, protecting the face of the watch. Forgoing contemporary sapphire crystal for Hesalite emphasizes Omega’s effort to stay as close to the true Moonwatch as possible.
What’s your idea about this modern-day equivalent of the legendary Omega replica Moonwatch? Do you have any Speedmaster chronographs?